You will be a PRINCE2 Practitioner 20 days from now

You and I are visual learners

Don’t you find it much easier to retain ideas when you have a clear image in your head?

And practice. That’s how we test and retain new knowledge and skills

Two techniques that educate as one.

Transported to PRINCE2 Practitioner status. Seamless. Effortless. Magical.

Every video consists of detailed and vibrant slides – every line of text, every dynamic graphic is polished, precise, crisp and clear.

Razor sharp learning in bite-sized chunks.

Done For You

I’ve already fleshed out the gritty details from the official manual, giving you a greased Shute to PRINCE2 Practitioner. Getting more done with less effort. Just like that.

PRINCE2 Primer is a remarkably precise, sixteen-step PRINCE2 learning system.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the huge mass of information presented in the PRINCE2 Manual, I know you would much prefer a logical ‘story-board’ training approach. The simple truth is that for effortless easy step-by-step preparation, you need to have a structured, proven approach to your study and a means to test your revision progress – and the Projex Academy PRINCE2 Primer will give you that!

I have created for you a logical sequence of learning steps, a PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam ‘learning funnel’ consisting of a sequenced overview first, then segue into a step-by-step approach allowing you to absorb the detail in easy bite-sized chunks. This will help you quickly and easily raise your PRINCE2 knowledge level to an exam-pass standard – in a handful of days

PRINCE2 Practitioner Training:

  • Easy Step-By-Step Training Videos and PowerPoint slides – bringing the text-dense official PRINCE2 manual to life
  • This is the easiest way to learn and absorb the PRINCE2 Methodology
  • Learn PRINCE2 on the move – Absorb your training in bite-sized chunks when it suits you – a quiet 30 minutes over lunch, a few peaceful hours in your home at the weekend – or even while travelling
      • Four Sample Practitioner Exam Simulators complete with answers to check your progress
        • Three Sample Foundation Exam Simulators complete with answers to check your progress
          • Detailed full-colour PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exam Handbooks with real exercises
            • Tips and tricks on Practitioner Exam techniques will help you pass first time
              • All downloadable materials are yours to use after your exams to support your continuing project management career
                • Unique EXAM CRAM and EXAM Boost Study Tools to guarantee you pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner and Foundation Exams (these have been found to boost your marks by 23 percent)

Become a PRINCE2 Practitioner less than a week!

The Projex Academy video training course, complete with supporting Handbooks, Sample Exercises, Exam Pass Techniques, and Real Exam Questions and Answers. 

If you thrive working in team environments and enjoy challenging personal assignments - Become a PRINCE2 Practitioner just days from now!