PRINCE2 Self Test - 1

If you’re struggling to grasp how this PRINCE2 Methodology fits together, drowning in mind numbing details, then you’re almost certainly going about your exam preparation the wrong way…

Think you have a  reasonable overview grasp of the PRINCE2 Methodology?

Great! Take this simple Self Test to find out….

  1. Who is the “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2” manual designed for? Name 2 types of readers
  2. Wikipedia provides a useful definition of a project, so complete the following sentence: “A project is a unique series of actions designed to accomplish a _______.”
  3. Complete the following definition of PRINCE2 in your own words: “A project is a temporary organization that is created for the purpose of _______.”
  4. In the PRINCE2 definition of a project, what do you think is meant by the term “A temporary organization”?
  5. Name some of the tasks that Project Management deals with
  6. Finish the sentence: “Project Management is the planning, delegating, monitoring and control of all aspects of the project to achieve the project objectives within the expected performance target for ____.” (Tip: think of the 6 project variables.)
  7. A project can go wrong for many reasons. Can you think of what might go wrong if there is a poor product description, poor communication or poor estimation? (Note: This is not really a question but an exercise.)
  8. What is meant by the following sentence: “PRINCE2 separates the management layer from the specialist work.”? Explain with an example
  9. What is meant by the following statement: “PRINCE2 is principle-based”?
  10. Try to list some of the 7 principles. (Don’t worry about the exact names, as you will only have to recognize the names in the exam.)
  11. Name some of the 6 variables that must be controlled in any project
  12. Explain the variable cost and why it needs to be controlled
  13. Explain the variable scope and why it needs to be controlled
  14. Complete the following sentence: “PRINCE2 is a method that deals with the planning, delegation, monitoring and control of _____.”
  15. Name the four elements of PRINCE2
  16. Which PRINCE2 element is referred to in the following sentence: “They are the 7 best practices that should exist in each PRINCE2 project.”
  17. Which PRINCE2 element is referred to in the following sentence: “They are the items that must be continually addressed during each project (e.g., Business Case, Organization and Quality).”
  18. Which PRINCE2 element is referred to in the following sentence: “This element lists the activities that are done during the project. It lists the products that will be created and when they will be created.”
  19. What do you think is meant by the statement, “PRINCE2 does not provide detailed techniques”?
  20. What do you think is meant by the statement, “PRINCE2 does not provide leadership capability”?
  21. List 4 advantages of using a Project Management method like PRINCE2
  22. Name one of the first plans that the Project Manager creates in the project that is based on the Plan Product Description found in the Appendix of the PRINCE2 manual
  23. Describe in your own words what the main objective of the Project Manager is
  24. Should the Project Manager also try to look for opportunities to speed up the project and reduce costs or ignore these opportunities and just focus on getting the project to run according to the plan?
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