Practitioner Exam Questions and Answers for PRINCE2

PRINCE2 Practitioner exam - 21 questions and answers!

Practitioner Exam – 21 PRINCE2 Questions and Answers!

Phew, that was a hard week! But I did it. I have just created a full-strength PRINCE2 Sample Practitioner Exam Paper, along with the scenario.

But I went further and I created a whopping Twenty ONE PRINCE2 Practitioner questions.

And the Best Bit? I got them reviewed by the APM Group ExaminersThey are the Good Folks who set and mark your exam when you take it

When those Examiners reported back to me to advise me I could publish because they thought my PRINCE2 Practioner Exam questions and answers were fair and reasonable – do you think that YOU should be interested in getting YOUR hands on them too?

You Bet!

Oh yes, and the ANSWERS are also included. It’s the closest thing pre-course, that you can download anywhere on the internet. I know — because I’ve checked! I’ve over-delivered, as my current customers know.


Because my PRINCE2 Practitioner Sample Exam Paper actually contains a total of 21 questions to practice on — and to hone your Practitioner Exam-level knowledge of PRINCE2 –and to beef-up your  vital exam-taking skills.

Where To Get Your PRINCE2 21 Practitioner Exam Questions and Answers!

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You see, the Practitioner Exam is not just “multi-choice” questions, it tests a whole lot more…One particular type you will find contains two statements separated by a “because” statement. You will have to determine if the first statement (the Assertion) is true or false, then whether the second statement (The Reason) is true or false, and then finally if the reason is the full reason for the Assertion (the Because)….and all that is ONE part of a question.

See why you need to practice at taking your PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam?

Face it. When was the last time you took a 2 1/2 hours exam? Give yourself a break, you need to wake up those exam-taking skills you developed as a younger person, whether at university, college or school.

Don’t wait until Friday afternoon to sit the exam, only to find you know PRINCE2 – but you’re deadly-rusty at taking your PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam!


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…and get ahead of the classroom pack, you’ll be glad you did.

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