You will be a PRINCE2 Practitioner 20 days from now

PRINCE2® Practitioner Online Training

Look, I know you are busy and that you’re probably already looking to prepare for your PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam, with looming deadlines and a multitude of important business tasks to juggle so I will jump straight to the point.

To the uninitiated, successful preparation for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam seem to need heroic time management, the mental abilities of a master chess champion, the analytical skills of a NASA scientist, and the ability to absorb the complex PRINCE2 Manual in your hotel the night before!

Face it – the more folks hear about cramped, fuzzy, rushed, expensive and stressy classrooms, the more they hate it.

What was once the only solution a decade ago, is now something we try to avoid. Well, that’s not the way to learn PRINCE2, is it?

As a result, today’s information-savvy PRINCE2 students, seek out learning solutions they can devour at their own time and pace.

The Official PRINCE2 Manual is a turgid read - It stretches to a bulky 327 pages – something like 200,000 words, 87 detailed figures, 63 sets of tables and 26 management templates to absorb, understand and apply *phew*

My Step-By-Step information-rich videos will get you unstuck and grow your PRINCE2 knowledge faster.

Imagine: getting a far higher pass grades than you thought possible. Devouring the PRINCE2 Syllabus without ever missing a beat.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Training:

  • Easy Step-By-Step Training Videos and PowerPoint slides – bringing the text-dense official PRINCE2 manual to life
  • This is the easiest way to learn and absorb the PRINCE2 Methodology
  • Learn PRINCE2 on the move – Absorb your training in bite-sized chunks when it suits you – a quiet 30 minutes over lunch, a few peaceful hours in your home at the weekend – or even while travelling
      • Four Sample Practitioner Exam Simulators complete with answers to check your progress
        • Three Sample Foundation Exam Simulators complete with answers to check your progress
          • Detailed full-colour PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exam Handbooks with real exercises
            • Tips and tricks on Practitioner Exam techniques will help you pass first time
              • All downloadable materials are yours to use after your exams to support your continuing project management career
                • Unique EXAM CRAM and EXAM Boost Study Tools to guarantee you pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner and Foundation Exams (these have been found to boost your marks by 23 percent)

Become a PRINCE2 Practitioner less than a week!

The Projex Academy video training course, complete with supporting Handbooks, Sample Exercises, Exam Pass Techniques, and Real Exam Questions and Answers. 

If you thrive working in team environments and enjoy challenging personal assignments - Become a PRINCE2 Practitioner just days from now!