Official PRINCE2 Jelly – slippery little sucker ain’t it?

I’ll let you into an insider secret. To learn and master PRINCE2 and pass your exams you need a course that lasts two weeks. Not that you’ll find one. Why?

Too darned expensive and your boss can’t spare you away for that long. It’s no accident that those PRINCE2 high learning curve stressful classroom courses cram it all into less than a week.

Nailing PRINCE2 Jelly To A MirrorLike a stampede of cows – if you miss a point in a rushed classroom, you will trip over that memory-fade over and over….

They must cover the entire contents of the PRINCE2 Manual in the first three days – which is why you work late into the night with yet more cramming and stress. Not to mention your boss and family throwing phone calls, emails and texting into the mix.

Want a high-energy and engaging way to hone and tune your PRINCE2 Exam pass-skills?

Why not take your Foundation and Practitioner Exams WITHOUT attending expensive and rushed classroom training, just use my PRINCE2 Primer System and book an Open Center Examination at your convenience.

Did you know my Primer System is Fully Licensed and endorsed by Axelos (the owners of PRINCE2 – and the folks who mark your exams) as an Official PRINCE2 Study System?

Unlike the typical classroom, you can rewind my PRINCE2 Primer videos and watch over as many times as you need, so you won’t miss a thing! And you’ll get me teaching you one-on-one in a friendly conversational tone for easy listening and learning.

In fact, I’ve spent the last 15 years teaching the PRINCE2 methodology, techniques, and principles to literally thousands of people like you, both as downloadable lessons and live training seminars across the world

Each of my 16 Full Colour Handbooks contain full colour pictures of each slide (and plenty of room to mark up and make notes as you watch my individual step-by-step video modules.

They also contain hundreds of lesson-specific Foundation and Practitioner questions, answers and rationale – to nail down the reason for the correct (and wrong) answers – you won’t miss a thing!

Heck! I guarantee you will pass your PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exam at first try!

I know what it is like. I’ve been in your shoes, that darned Official PRINCE2 Manual is as easy to read as it is to nail jelly to a mirror. To be fair, it is intended just to be a reference – not a training manual.

That’s where I come in.

See, when I used to run classroom courses, I was ordered only to use the “official” presentation slides, and by lunchtime on the first day, panic was setting in. My students were developing the “1000-yard stare”.

But I Had a Cure.

After lunch, I would spend at least an hour talking them through my PRINCE2 Road Map.

I drew this blow-by-blow on a huge whiteboard (or I would stick four or five flip-chart sheets together), and walk them through how the seven processes and key management products worked together to form the backbone of the PRINCE2 Method.

My students used it as their touchstone for the rest of the training, and all agreed it was the turning point for their grasp of PRINCE2 that lead them to passing their exam.

So, I’ve got great news for you in my

2017 PRINCE2 Masterclass

– You get me presenting the same Road Map to you a one-hour bonus video along with a large full-colour graphic for you to print out.

Step-By-Step. You won’t miss a thing.

It’s a lot easier than trying to nail PRINCE2 jelly to a mirror!

The sooner you start, the sooner you will become a PRINCE2 Practitioner, so go here:

PRINCE2 Masterclass


About the Author Dave Litten

David spent 25 years as a senior project manager for USA multinationals, and has deep experience in project management. He now develops a wide range of project-related downloadable video training products under the Primer and Projex Academy brand names. In addition, David runs project management training seminars across the world, and is a prolific writer on the many topics of project management.

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