Agree the PRINCE2 Tailoring requirements

The project manager may need to tailor how the project is directed and managed in order to recognize internal and external factors that affects the way in which the project is delivered.

Any deviations from the organizations standard project management approach must be documented and agreed.

Agree the PRINCE2 Tailoring requirements

There are two management products used as an input to this activity triggered by the authority to initiate a project.

The main output here is the creation of part of the project controls, in this case driven by the tailoring requirements.

PRINCE2 recommends the following tailoring actions:

  • Review the project brief to understand the outline tailoring approach, if defined
  • Seek lessons from previous similar projects, corporate, programme management or the customer, and external organizations related to how tailoring was applied
  • Define the tailoring as part of the PID
  • Consult with project assurance to check that any proposed tailoring will meet the needs of the project board and/or corporate, programme management or the customer
  • Seek a project board approval for any tailoring, although they may prefer to review it later as part of the PID
  • The following diagram lays out the roles and responsibilities for agreeing the tailoring requirements:


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