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Professional Colleague,

Look, I know you are busy and that you’re probably already preparing for your PRINCE2 training course with looming deadlines and a multitude of important business tasks to juggle so I will jump straight to the point.

To the uninitiated, successful preparation for the PRINCE2 exams seem to need super-human time management, the mental abilities of a master chess champion, the analytical skills of a NASA scientist, and the ability to absorb the complex PRINCE2 Manual in your hotel the night before your training event!

But don't let the intimidating PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams stop you from pursuing the dream project management position that you've always wanted.

Based on lengthy interviews with project management career professionals, the research of sought-after PRINCE2 project delivery firms, and best-in-class exam passing methodologies, our PRINCE2 Masterclass will prepare you to ace your PRINCE2 Practitioner at first try.

We've analyzed and decomposed the Foundation and Practitioner exams to create a learning environment and study guide that will give you confidence and exam pass success.

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    Effectively prepare for your PRINCE2 2019 Foundation and Practitioner exams
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    ​Learn exam day strategies for keeping your cool and focus
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    ​See how to properly review your practice exams
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    Watch how to answer analytical, reasoning, comprehension, and logical questions
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    40-hour course with PRINCE2 qualified instructor and ex-examiner!
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    PRINCE2 is NOT Hard - learn in easy bite-sized chunks from Dave

​​​Today more than ever before, money is what counts.  The cost of living is mounting month by month.  You can’t get along on what you've been making.  Somehow, you've simply got to increase your earnings.

Fortunately for you, hundreds of thousands of other folks have proved there is an unfailing way to do it.  Train yourself to take on those flagship projects, learn to deliver projects successfully, and employers will be glad to pay you real money for your advanced knowledge and skills.

You can get the best PRINCE2 training to prepare you for whatever position you want.  You can get it without sacrificing days off from your current job, by preparing at home, in your spare time, through Projex Academy.

It is the business of Projex Academy to prepare folks in just your circumstances for promotion and extra monthly income.  We have been doing it for nearly 20 years. Even while you learn, your enhanced skills on current projects will get you noticed ....

​We have helped over 20,000 folks just like you to advance their careers – check out our customer feedback below from ​real success stories emailing us of their recent success and career advancements.

You have the same chance they had.  What are you going to do with it?  
Can you afford to let a single day go by without at least ​reading on to see if you qualify for what ​Projex Academy can do for you?

You deserve exactly the education that you are looking for, at exactly the right time, delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible - Right?


​"Dave is a successful senior project manager, PRINCE2 Practitioner consultant, and licensed educator, which makes him the perfect combination of effective teacher and subject matter expert to shepherd you on your journey to PRINCE2 Practitioner success."

Dave Litten ​Your Instructor

Become a PRINCE2 Practitioner days from NOW!

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Our PRINCE2® MASTERCLASS online training course has all the resources you need to transform your Project Management Career. Minutes from now you could be engrossed in our High Definition streaming lessons, study guides, sample exam with answers, hints and tips from Dave Litten (the man who trains the trainers)

If you are serious about becoming a PRINCE2® certified Registered Practitioner then the PRINCE2 MASTERCLASS is for you.

Worried About The PRINCE2 Exams?

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    Get The Inside Edge With Our Projex Academy Exam Wizard. We coach you to pass at your first try. Our Sample Exams will give you the exam techniques you need to breeze through the so-called tough questions!
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    Decipher What The Examiner Can and Can´t Ask You. That darned PRINCE2 2019 Official Manual runs to over 400 text-dense pages. It´s a great reference manual, but not so hot as an exam preparation guide. I showcase exactly what you need to hone in on - saving you hours of frustration
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    Demystify the Foundation and Practitioner Exam Objectives. Get inside the examiners mind as I take you through sample questions. Sure, you can practice all you want, but first you need to know why those questions are chosen and what you need to know to score high marks and pass!
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    Crack Open The Question Styles. Why do so many students get exam answers wrong - its not for lack of understanding the PRINCE2 2019 Method, rather, it's the hidden answering code hiding in plain sight!
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    Let an ex-examiner show you their proven Pass Techniques. There´s nothing more effective than revising and preparing using my battle-tested techniques to ace YOUR exam - the SMART way. After this, Practitioner exam questions will never look so hard again...

What are the benefits of studying our PRINCE2  Foundation and Practitioner Masterclass with Projex Academy?

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    Save time and money - There are no travel and accommodation costs as you can study anywhere, and you won't have to take time off work
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    Step-by-step self-paced route to becoming a PRINCE2® certified Registered Practitioner.
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    Our accredited e-learning provides 30 Category-C PDUs for the PMI's Continuing Certification Requirements Scheme (CCRS)
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     Bypass expensive train fares, city-center parking, formal dress code and days absent from work and home.
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    Say goodbye to dragging heavy course materials around. Make life easier and go online with Projex Academy
  • Be prepared and confident for the exams - Test your knowledge in a fun, entertaining environment with the PRINCE2 Foundation & practitioner exam revision tools
  • Enjoy yourself! - This PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner online course is broken into bite-size lessons, combining leading edge multimedia and interactive exercises for optimum enjoyment and knowledge retention
  • Feel confident with full tutorial support - Benefit from fast access to experienced, one-to-one learning support as you study via email and phone, so there is no need to feel isolated while you are learning
  • Take your time - Study at your own pace by bookmarking your progress and picking up where you left off at a speed that suits you

I am pleased to recommend Dave Litten’s training to anyone looking for professional assistance with PRINCE 2, PMP, Agile certifications or Project Management Training in general.
Dave provided me with supreme video materials and trainings, with his company Projex Academy. During the last couple of years, 5 courses were provided ending up with me passing certifications the first time. Dave demonstrated excellent teaching skills and an innovative approach on knowledge transfer.
One of the things I appreciate the most about Dave’s approach is his patience and the fact that his materials are unique and visual, thus saving the time.
Knowledge just “sticks” to the memory, as it is presented plastic, vivid and visually attractive.

Nikola Knezevic

Senior Project Manager

Take Action NOW if you want to be a PRINCE2 Practitioner in 2019!

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Masterclass self-study video training you will be able to:

  • Understand key concepts relating to projects and PRI​​​​NCE2
  • Understand how the PRINCE2 Principles underpin the PRINCE2 method
  • Understand the PRINCE2 Themes and how they are applied throughout the project
  • Understand the PRINCE2 Processes and how they are carried out throughout the project
  • Apply the PRINCE2​ Principles in context
  • Apply and tailor relevant aspects of PRINC​E2 Themes in context
  • Apply and tailor relevant aspects of PRINCE2 Processes in context
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    Lifetime Online Access - no time limits
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    PRINCE2® Masterclass e-Learning
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    102  streaming 20-minute videos from powerful Amazon servers
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    Accredited Trainer Support
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    Unique PRINCE2 ROAD MAP 1 Hour Bonus Video
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    Downloadable Module Handbooks
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    EXAM CRAM and EXAM BOOST for each Module
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    NEW! full-strength Foundation and Practitioner Exam Simulator - complete with questions, answers and rationale!
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    30 Category-C PDUs

 Sun Microsystems 

Management Training Director


“Dave was fantastic in teaching his subject; he came across well and helped me understand... Very engaging and supportive – his knowledge was amazing! ... Would rate Dave as one of the best instructors I’ve had the pleasure to learn from” 

Training At Your Own Time and Pace

Being a busy professional, you can train and prepare at a time and place that suits you, giving you total flexibility to fit around your busy home and work schedule.

Projex Academy’s engaging dynamic videos fast-track your skills building your confidence and expertise!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here’s how confident Projex Academy are that YOU will become a PRINCE2 Warrior...If I’m wrong and you've followed our Projex Academy PRINCE2 Masterclass, yet don’t agree my training did not improve your delivery ...
I will give you your money back – no fuss no muss


Dave Litten is a very highly recommended PRINCE2 coach, training specialist and mentor. He has a highly effective approach to nurturing understanding. This is to clearly describe - and then build out - from a central truth which allows you to "eat the elephant one bite at a time". Genius!

Steve Payne PRINCE2 Practitioner