dave littenDear Reader,

I admit it, booking classroom training is an easy mistake to make… You’ve probably heard of me and my PRINCE2 Primer, I’m Dave Litten and if you’d like to discover an easy, fast way to Master PRINCE2 and pass your upcoming exams, I can show you exactly how to do it.

If you’re struggling to grasp how this PRINCE2 Methodology fits together, drowning in mind numbing details, then you’re almost certainly going about your exam preparation the wrong way…

Have you bought books or attended classroom courses, only to be bombarded by a sea of complex information that blurs in your brain and panic you as your PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams loom ever closer!

Don´t you feel like tearing your hair out finding a peaceful and quiet time and place to study?

Here’s why.

You already know you’re struggling to get the big picture of PRINCE2 Principles, Processes and Themes, and you’re feeling frustrated at the knowledge you’re missing out on.

Worse,  the sea of turgid text from the PRINCE2 Manual is flowing in one ear and gushing out the other – ten minutes later you forgot what you just read!

When a poor exam score thwarts your PRINCE2 Practitioner pass, it’s extremely frustrating!

And what’s frustrating is that you don’t know at which point your learning and preparation fell apart. What you do know is that you put in an awful lot of effort, and that you did the best you could, only to stumble and fall at the last hurdle.

Yet despite being passionate about gaining your PRINCE2 Practitioner status, reading The “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 Guide” can be misleading as much of the exam will test you on not what is written down, but how they work together…

Crammed and rushed classroom training does not help either as you frantically gaze upon an ocean of bullet-ridden slides being thrust at you, crammed into a few days – as a “sure pass” slowly slips through your brain and fingers.

So what stops you from gaining the knowledge for the smooth glide to an exam pass? What stopped you from moving ahead? What´s really required to gain the knowledge and skills to pass at first try?

Did you know that the Earning Potential with your PRINCE2 Qualification is between £40,000 to £80,000 per year?


Here’s Why YOU are stressing about PRINCE2 Accreditation  (even though you don´t need to…)

What if you owned a full-strength graphic rich set of videos covering the whole of the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exams Official Syllabus as a self-study system to use when and where you wish?

You don´t want stress-filled rushed time-constrained classrooms, just one-on-one tuition from an in-the-trenches PRINCE2 Methodology Project Management expert.

A training experience that harnesses the way your brain works and learns and just as absorbing as a computer game is what YOU need!

Ever notice the way you get immersed and mentally stimulated in computer game action, and you can´t wait to crack on to achieve the next level?

What if a learning system was just like that, and allows you to dip in and out at a time and pace around your busy business and personal lifestyle?

My PRINCE2 Primer learning system guarantees you will pass your PRINCE2 exams at first try.

Poring through a book is often not as easy as it’s made out to be

You can’t always tell where the book is instructing you to look or reference. Video solves this problem.

Attempting to learn from text-books makes it hard to nail down and retain the sum and substance of what you are trying to learn. It drags you into a downward spiral as you try to unload the mass of data which languishes and goes stale in your brain – what a distressing thought!

That’s why exam candidates can be seduced by fancy brochures and websites offering expensive city-center classroom training presenting faded and dulled mediocre material and classroom facilities. They are charging high prices because of high city-center rents, building costs and trainer fees – all of those get passed onto YOU.

Not Fair.

So don’t leave it too late by panicking at the last minute as your exam looms as by then it will be too late even for me to help you…

Are you losing buckets of key PRINCE2 knowledge because you have been force-fed “facts” rather than given a Proven Learning System?

Since childhood, we have learned best by pictures and graphics – supported by key information.

This is the broadband link directly into your brain.

Presenting each topic graphically top-down first, followed by bottom-up detail, will paint vivid mastery of PRINCE2 knowledge and skills permanently.

How are you going to answer an exam question on any topic if you don’t know all the information?

I was once in your shoes

It was early 1996. I too remember opening the mind-numbing Official PRINCE2 Manual for the first time. As I sat at the back of the class I was already a battle-hardened senior project manager, but it still all looked like voodoo to me. The guy who taught me seemed competent enough, but he drowned me in an endless stream of bullet list slides washed up in a sea of information sludge – and worse, it was not sinking in…

If I could show you a simple way you can prepare for and pass your PRINCE2 exams, without the need for expensive classroom training, would you be interested?

Discover how to Master PRINCE2 without expensive stressful classrooms


Introducing My Brand New 2016 PRINCE2 Primer Mastery Signature System…

PRINCE2 Primer

My PRINCE2 Mastery Learning System

PRINCE2 Primer

My PRINCE2 Primer Mastery System is a learning system that enables you to fully grasp and absorb the full extent of the Foundation and Practitioner Exam Syllabus. It´s a learning system that is based on a deep understanding of how to easily pass your PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam at first try.

It shows and explains to you the entire framework sitting inside The Managing Successful Project with PRINCE2 Guide. It gives you an understanding of how the Processes and Themes work and interact with each other. It speeds up your learning without the need for last minute cramming.

After all, you do have 7 Principles, 7 Processes, and 7 Themes to absorb. To cap it all, each process has sets of inputs, outputs, plus tools and techniques to remember. Don’t worry, you will learn naturally in easy step-by-step chunks filled with dynamic and exciting graphic-filled screens and regular pit stops to check your new skills.

You don´t just learn – you understand to the level where you can apply your new PRINCE2 skills and knowledge. I never forget, that you have a demanding business life as well as a packed personal life, so fitting in quality study time for your new qualification needs careful balance.  You know instinctively that crammed and rushed classroom training is a poor compromise.

Here’s What You Get:

PRINCE2 Primer

PRINCE2 Axelos_license_logo

25 HD MP4 PRINCE2 Video Module Library (each around 45 minutes playing time)

Easily Grab Mark-Gathering Key Points, Hints and Tips In a classroom, you only get to HEAR these from your trainer because there is no time to present them. You either miss them or frantically scribble them down too quickly losing concentration in the process. You won’t have that problem with my HD Videos.

I have taken a great deal of time and care to dynamically add such key points, hints and tips one at a time, onto the relevant slide, and THEN take the time to explain them to you as I introduce each one. Can you see how that is FAR easier to absorb and remember these exam mark awarding points?

You can watch and learn at a Pace and Time that suits you – not at all like the force-fed classroom technique

Watch, Rewind, Pause, Fast-forward as many times as you wish – You Never Miss a Thing!


330 Page PRINCE2 Full Colour Handbooks

Plenty of room to mark up and make notes as you watch the individual HD Video Modules!

Full Colour Pictures of Every Slide in Each Video Module Each Handbook contains the full colour pictures of each slide (and space to make notes if needed)

PRINCE2 Primer


225 PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Questions and Answers

Use my Full colour PowerPoint Quiz – a fun and engaging way to hone and tune your Foundation Exam pass-skills!

Watch, Rewind, Pause, Fast-forward as many times as you wish- Consists of over THREE Sample Foundation Exam Papers!

 PRINCE2 Foundation

21 PRINCE2 Methodology Exercises

Grasp a solid overview of the PRINCE2 Method with these engaging fast-track exercises

Hands-on exercises to get a firm grip on the top-level view of PRINCE2

 PRINCE2 Foundation

Learn PRINCE2 In 60 Minutes Overview!

Read This First! The surest way to absorb the 7 Principles, 7 Processes, and 7 Themes in under an hour!

PRINCE2 is NOT Hard! and my one hour overview proves it while building your confidence to learn and master the method


My Full size PDF Infographic Wall-chart PRINCE2 Road Map

Pin this up over your desk or study area for the “big-picture” overview of how all seven of the PRINCE2 Processes interact with each other…prince2_infographic

but also a set of typical PMP Exam question segments on the topic that has just been covered. So you get to practice and hone your question-answering knowledge and skills as you go.

You’ll never get confused and waste mark-gaining time in the real exam, because you will already have mastered the art of selecting the exact correct answer!

PRINCE2 Project Product Description

Learn how to apply and create this vital first step in Product-based Planning!

The cornerstone of PRINCE2 Product Based Planning driving the delivery of the entire project


Fully downloadable direct to your PC/MAC/Mobile Device And Into Your Brain

PRINCE2 tablet and phone

My new method made use of the way we all naturally learn by thinking in pictures, so I simply harnessed that power by using PowerPoint slides full of sizzling graphics and dazzling videos making effortless knowledge building fun and easy …

Just Imagine. My PRINCE2 Mastery System does all the heavy lifting for you and guides you to a Practitioner exam pass in just a handful of days. It soars high above the usual stressy, steep learning curve classroom courses…but even more than that…

What I share with you has been reviewed and fully accredited by the same PRINCE2 examiners that set and mark your exam papers! Maybe you haven’t thought of all the different ways my PRINCE2 Mastery Primer will enhance your management career yet.

You know once you are an Accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner, many doors will open for you. When you begin to understand the easy step-by-step method used in my PRINCE2 Primer, then you’ll see how simple they are.

PRINCE2 onlineWant The Same Buzz Video Games Give You?

Wish Learning Was As Much Fun?

Have you noticed how digital games can be so addictive? My PRINCE2 Primer Mastery System will buzz you as much as video games do!

Time seems to stand still as you immerse yourself in the action…Wouldn’t it be good if learning new skills was just like that?

It’s no accident that video games are fun, you see, they cause the brain to release addictive biochemicals such as Adrenaline, Dopamine and Endorphins – giving the player a “learning buzz”

This caught my attention too – I wanted that same buzz and information-retention to be “designed-in” to my Project Management Mastery Systems!

So I harnessed the graphical power of gaming in my PRINCE2 Primer Mastery System – no, I didn’t include “shoot ’em ups” but I can promise to immerse you in a much richer graphical learning environment. I’ll give you an example in a moment…

PRINCE2 onlineNo More Boring Bullets! If you make the mistake of booking classroom training, what does the word “slideshow” suggest? Boring drowsy bullets – Right?

Overwhelm often begins early…

The most common question I get asked is “Dave, there seems an awful lot to learn and retain, can you create a systematic approach to absorbing the PRINCE2 Syllabus and getting me through the exam?”

Instead of presenting you with lists of boring bullets that you have to read and remember, my videos include full colour graphics instead. Check out the small excerpt below showing the set of sequences (in the video, each block is introduced one at a time as I take your through the sequence), and notice how it is much easier to remember due to the colour images….

  I’ll show you more on how I solved that question in a moment, but first…. Exam failure is not an option for you, is it?

Easily Grab Mark-Gathering Key Points, Hints and Tips

In a classroom, you only get to HEAR these from your trainer because there is no time to present them. You either miss them or frantically scribble them down too quickly losing concentration in the process. You won’t have that problem with my HD Videos. I have taken a great deal of time and care to dynamically add such key points, hints and tips one at a time, onto the relevant slide, and THEN take the time to explain them to you as I introduce each one. Can you see how that is FAR easier to absorb and remember these exam mark awarding points?


Never Get Confused or Forgetful Trying To Remembering Sequenced Steps

See how easy it is to quickly grasp the ability to describe processes, or components, or even methodologies when you have clear visual graphics for a memory jogger!

Never get a foggy memory again!


Hard brain-draining study is unnecessary…

That’s because forcing facts and data and trying to ´memorize´ is an unnatural situation. My PRINCE2 Mastery System doesn’t teach you how to use mind tricks. It’s not a system of coercion. It doesn’t need to psyche or push you into energy-sapping intense concentration and stress.

Instead it shows you how to learn and absorb naturally at your own pace…

That’s because my PRINCE2 Primer Mastery System uses video-based powerful graphic-driven learning and closes your learning-loop with regular “pit-stops” of knowledge checks and top-ups. It shows you how to retain your new skills and knowledge. And takes you through a series of easy bite-sized steps so that you naturally learn on a daily basis.

And not only does it show you a step-by-step method, but it gives you a checklist that takes the ‘iffiness’ factor out of your own PRINCE2 exam preparation. yesnoYou’re not really sure if you are retaining your study efforts, or whether they are not working at all. And you suspect that you could vastly improve your results, if you had a proven learning framework.

How do you know when you have studies sufficiently to assure an exam pass? How can you know in advance that your PRINCE2 Syllabus grasp will get you a pass grade at your first try? My PRINCE2 Mastery System gives you clear guidelines that enable you to see for yourself what’s missing and what’s working.

With my PRINCE2 Mastery System, you’re going to have consistent results. The reason why you’ll get consistent results because of three simple reasons:

Reason 1: My PRINCE2 Primer Mastery Training is built on a system. It’s not random.

Reason 2: It isn’t some magic trick. It follows natural learning methods that we use every day.

Reason 3You can spot the mistakes and fix them thereby improving knowledge retention

My PRINCE2 Primer Mastery Training uses a simple system by harnessing:

1) Structured and step-by-step full color videos

2) Pause, rewind, and fast-forward features

3) Dynamic graphical PowerPoint slides

4) Focused learning points, exercises and checklists

5) Sample exam questions and answers

6) Regular learning revision

Structured explanations: Every video module and accompanying Handbook has very structured explanations. So each explanation builds on the previous one, and each module builds on the next. This leads to sequential assimilation of facts and details. And helps greatly in knowledge retention and your ability to apply in your PRINCE2 exams.

Cartoon-based call-outs: There are multiple cartoons in my PRINCE2 Mastery System. This is no accident. These cartoons play an important role in two areas. They provide visual relief as you watch and absorb the information, but more importantly the cartoons are a memory trigger. Each of the cartoons plays the role of a quick visual summary of key learning areas as important points are visually summarized with cartoons and captions:

PRINCE2 process

My Self-Study PRINCE2 Primer Training works FAR better than classrooms, check out Richards  amazing Practitioner exam results and score – just by using my PRINCE2 Mastery System!

Hi Dave,
I have scored an amazing 90% in the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam!

My first thought after the exam is to immediately send you a thank you message. Your PRINCE2 Mastery System´s fantastic videos (I love them so much!), helped me quickly and accurately understand those tedious materials in the official handbook. My friends spent high classroom tuition fees, yet were still barely able to pass the Practitioner exam – but my trust in your Video PRINCE2 Mastery training  and step-by-step approach allowed me to spend less but achieve higher. Again thank you!

Before I became a PRINCE2 Practitioner with PRINCE2 Video Mastery, I was sending my resume out without any project management certificate mentioned – and got zero replies from prospective employers.

Yesterday I updated my CV and have applied for some key project manager jobs.

Today I received an interview opportunity!

What a difference a PRINCE2 PractiRichard PRINCE2 Practitionertioner Certificate has made for my competitiveness and future career!

Oh yes, and I have just bought your PMP premier to further strengthen my career and salary growth….. Best regards,
Richard Leung
Kowloon City,
Hong Kong

The best route for you right now, is through easy step-by-step video preparation and to prove it to you, my delegates soar above a 98% pass rate. You too, can take the effort off your shoulders and massively reduce your risk of PRINCE2 exam failure.

As an accredited PRINCE2 trainer for the past 20 years, I have poked into every last dark corner of the exam syllabus and transformed the PRINCE2 Method from complexity into simplicity, ready to deliver it to you in easy bite-sized chunks… So relax, and let my video modules guide you through to PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exam success. In no time at all, you’ll be fully PRINCE2 proficient and ready to fly through your exams.

Hi Dave,
Just a quick note to say thanks for your PRINCE2 Primer.
I spent weeks doing an online Practitioner course with another organisation (cost me just over £500) and a week before I was averaging 40% on the exams.
I watched a few of your freebies on YouTube, paid the £97 and crammed all of your 20 something modules into just 4 days.mal
Re-sitting the mocks I was up to around 65% and passed the exam with 63%. So, all thanks to your Primer!! Wish I’d found it months ago as I would have saved money without spending weeks getting nowhere
Mal Pugh PRINCE2 Practitioner Battersea London UK

I know you could choose to learn PRINCE2 in a classroom. But Good Luck with that.

I also know that the best way to learn is from a one-on-one relationship along with personal video-based coaching from a proven expert, rather than from books.

The reason why just reading books does not work, is that the official PRINCE2 Manual is designed as a reference source, NOT as a memorization or learning aid. It has a mind-melting 327 pages, 200,000 words, 87 complex diagrams, 63 sets of choking charts and 26 brain-fogging management product descriptions.


I’m not going to tell you how to prepare for your PRINCE2 exams right now because I want you to make up your own mind.

Can I ask you to imagine for a moment what advantages being a PRINCE2 Practitioner puts into your project management career and earning potential?

You Want Pass Marks Like These?  …from one of my students

PRINCE2 exam_results

Here’s how I can help

Hi Dave,
I passed my PRINCE 2 Practitioner exam  yesterday and have cleared the exam, all thanks to your PRINCE2 Mastery Primer with its extensive videos and learning sessions which has helped me to pass the exam with great ease.
I could easily access the videos on my cell phone and this helped me to study when travelling.
Your sample foundation exams were a quick win in scoring and accessing key points to related focus areas.kenneth pacheco
I am proud to say that I am a registered PRINCE 2 Practitioner and all thanks to you.
It was definitely an excellent investment for me.
Kenneth Pacheco

Getting to grips with PRINCE2 will have become a top priority for you and the looming exam deadline will naturally have you on edge and feeling vulnerable to failure.

Also,  if you correctly sense that one small but important step in the right direction is going to be enough to make it all start happening for you…then your day is about to get a lot better.

By ‘painting’ the key points into my students brains using simple structured colour graphics sequences, something almost magical happened – I doubled and even tripled my students ability to grow their skills – and they were passing their exams – hundreds of them!

This is something I do extremely well. My video training products are beautifully designed, simple to absorb in easy steps, and are downloaded direct to your computer.

I call these video trainers, Mastery Systems – Want To Own One?

My PRINCE2 Mastery System is fresh, relevant, and not like any other training out there. I wonder if you’re aware of how fast you can exceed the PRINCE2 exam pass-standard using some simple yet incredibly powerful visual-based learning strategies

What’s it going to be like when you walk back in the office as an Accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner?

Regardless of the mass of information you need to grasp, or the amount of time you’ve got to prepare, the truth is your PRINCE2 preparation can be naturally and easily realized once you are aware that there is a better way…

I have been teaching PRINCE2 since 1996, mostly as a ‘hired gun’ for the large and expensive classroom-based training organisations. I quickly became frustrated with the bland materials I had to present with every day.

Done for you

Imagine me removing PRINCE2 information paralysis for you as I steer you through the method in easy bite-sized chunks in my videos – sharing just the right amount of information you need to pass…your learning feels smooth and natural.

Your mental mastery of the PRINCE2 Method will be sharper and more vivid, and my video-based PRINCE2 Learning System combines everything you need to pass in one compact package.

Like your favourite Movie, you won’t want to stop watching as the PRINCE2 ‘plot’ unravels step-by-step before you!

Hi Dave,  
Just had to write to you and say THANK YOU, I used your PRINCE2 Mastery Primer and I passed my PRINCE2 Practitioner exams!  
Exams and I don’t get on, but with your PRINCE2 Mastery Primer, I felt so much better prepared.  
Your PRINCE2  Mastery Primer was excellent, loved the audio files as it allowed me to take you out and about (mostly to the Gym) to continue growing my PRINCE2 knowledge.  PRINCE2 Practitioner
Looking forward to using another one of your Primers in the very near future – keep up the great work  
All the best and kind regards  
Chris Bulle

I share with you the secrets that when you put them to work for you in your PRINCE2 preparation, your knowledge and skills will grow beyond your wildest expectations and faster than you thought possible – but you WILL need to put in the work!

You might like to think about doing this. And in a moment, I’m going to share with you exactly how you can make this happen…but first…I want to put you off if I possibly can.

See, this message is not for everyone. Why? Because at the end of it I’m going to ask you to make an investment in the future success of your PRINCE2 Accreditation, and even survival of your project management career.

And if you’re not the kind of person willing to invest in your PRINCE2 success and career…then what follows isn’t for you and reading it will just be a waste of your time. What’s more, this message is definitely NOT for you if:

  • You can’t find the time to invest, say, 3 hours a day for a week
  • You prefer a classroom to be responsible for your learning
  • Your boss is paying and cost is not an issue

I’ll tell you how to get hold of my PRINCE2 Mastery Primer System in just a moment, but first there’s something even more important I want to tell you:

What’s Different about The PRINCE2 Primer Mastery System?

The PRINCE2 Mastery Training is not just an idea or concept. It’s a system. And it gives you the full PRINCE2 Exam syllabus in easy to remember bite-sized chunks. There are steps and no randomness. You can go back and check what you did correctly and where you went wrong. But there’s something else quite unique about The PRINCE2 Mastery System.

It’s been used and tested in virtually every country you can think of. You’ll find testimonials from readers in places such as the United States, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc., to countries where the first language may be Hungarian, German, French, Hindi or Italian.

My PRINCE2 Primer Mastery Primer System is 100% Downloadable direct to your computer so you can start growing your PRINCE2 skills  just moments after investing!

Unlike the typical classroom, you can rewind the videos and watch over as many times as you need, so you won’t miss a thing!

My Affordable REGULAR PRINCE2 Primer Mastery System™ costs just £97

Compare it to paying over a thousand pounds to attend old-school classroom training, plus you’ve got to fund all your travel and hotel expenses too. You will be dragged away from your job, friends and family, while a customer backlog of work builds up back at the office….plus your boss constantly phoning and distracting you from studying……No Thanks!


You can take YOUR Foundation and Practitioner Exams WITHOUT attending classroom training, just use my PRINCE2 Video Primer System and book an Open Center Examination.


Enjoy ALL the Benefits of my PRINCE2 Practitioner Mastery System 100% Risk-Free


You can view, play, pause, rewind or stop the video library modules at a time that suits you, making absorbing ‘bite-sized chunks’ of PRINCE2 with my Mastery System so much more efficient and effective.

Oh yes, and unlike other online offers, you’ll have lifetime access to the full material. So once you pass, you’ll always have a valuable reference resource on hand…of course, you’ll get free upgrades whenever the PRINCE2 syllabus is updated. I know what the examiners will ask you, so I’ll feed you the Easy Answers

Foundation and Practitioner exam practice is crucial for exam success

I provide bonus extra practice by giving you TWO 9-questions-each Practitioner Sample Exam Papers with 226 questions plus answers! TWO Complete Hard Core Sample Practitioner Exam Papers plus Answers You will build vital exam-taking skills and hone your understanding with my full-strength Foundation and Practitioner Sample Papers (which include answers) You get my Secret Stash (sshhh – keep it to ourselves!) of PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exam Papers – complete with tips and answers…

PRINCE2 practitioner_exam

The main reasons for exam failure is uncertainty of applying the Method and poor exam taking/question reading skills. My Primer Fixes Both. I give you easy Step-By-Step instructions and sequence to take you by the hand through the entire examined Method

My Exclusive EXAM CRAM

This will give you a mission-critical checklist of your topic understanding and laser-focus on those areas that need more help

PRINCE2 exam_cram

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner EXAM BOOST – 100 page

Your Fast-track Revision to Your Pass Grade Here’s Why: For both the Foundation and Practitioner exams, you get Key Learning and Revision Points for each Process and Theme In addition, you get a set of around 30 Self’Study Quiz Exercises for each topic to hone your understanding. These act as a superb trigger to encourage you to revise key points in each video. PRINCE2 exam_boost

 Appendix A Editable Templates and source data

You get fully editable PRINCE2 Management Product templates (ALL of them! – including reports, logs and registers)

Plus, I have added guidance on the source information needed for each, along with quality criteria guidancePRINCE2 management templates

Power Tune-up and Project Audit

Giving guidance at each key point and stage throughout your project to ensure you can pass the audit and remain in controlPRINCE2 power_tuneup_audit

PRINCE2 Product Matrix

This provides you with an easy reference to each of the PRINCE2 Processes, the Management Products required and the inputs and outputsPRINCE2 matrix

Critical Thinking for creating a PRINCE2 Plan

Comes with a Plan creation sequence, and an example scenario, with typical information contained under each headingPRINCE2 critical_plan

Sometimes you just want to listen – now with MP3 Easy-Listen Audio

I have also created a set of high quality stereo MP3 audio tracks mastered and rendered direct from my PRINCE2 Mastery Module videos. You can also transfer them onto a memory stick for ease of access…

Now you can listen along and learn at a time and place that suits you – at the airport, train, bus, subway, whenever…

Absorb my PRINCE2 Mastery System in bite-sized chunks when it suits you — a quiet 30 minutes over lunch, a peaceful hour in your home at the weekend – or even while jogging!


Master At Your Place and Pace with PRINCE2 Mastery

Absorb my Mastery System in bite-sized chunks when it suits you — a quiet 30 minutes over lunch, a few peaceful hours in your home at the weekend – or even while travelling.

Unlike the typical classroom, you can rewind the videos and watch over as many times as you need, so you won’t miss a thing! And you’ll get me teaching you one-on-one in a friendly conversational tone for easy listening and learning.

My Primer covers the full content and rigour within the official PRINCE2 Manual and is more thorough than any ‘classroom course’ because I’ve used the published APM Group Syllabus to benchmark my PRINCE2 Primer outcomes.

Fully Accredited By The APM Group (the folks who set and mark your exams!)

My Mastery System is Fully Licensed and endorsed by the APM Group as an Official Pre-course Study. In fact, I’ve spent the last 15 years teaching the PRINCE2 methodology, techniques, and principles to literally thousands of people just like you, both as downloadable lessons and live training seminars across the worldPRINCE2 Axelos2_license_logo

I too, have been in your shoes when I was learning PRINCE2, and I want to put your fears to rest.

I have been helping people to successfully become PRINCE2 Practitioners’ since 1997, so my name, reputation and results have been invested within my PRINCE2 Mastery System

No Need for expensive and rushed classroom training

Take your Foundation and Practitioner Exams WITHOUT attending classroom training, just use my PRINCE2 Mastery System and book an Open Center Examination sponsored by the British Council in your country.

Open centers are in London, Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire), York (North Yorkshire), Chester (Cheshire)

Take Action Now!

If you want to invest in a guaranteed easy way to gain the status of a PRINCE2 Practitioner, just click on the yellow Own It Now button below, and you will be taken to a secure server. Just check your details in including your email address, and I will send you your secure download links for my PRINCE2 Primer Mastery System

So you can start preparing just minutes from now!

It’s great to realize you’ve decided to invest in a quality PRINCE2 training system, isn’t it?

My Guarantee To You


I stand by my Guarantee – if you put in 100% yet feel I did not cover the PRINCE2 syllabus, I’ll cheerfully give you a 100% refund (Yes, I am that confident you’ll love my PRINCE2 Primer Mastery System!)

After studying all my information and watching all the videos, and provided you carry out all my exercises and exams, if you still fail the exam on first attempt, send me details of your weak areas and I will give you my PERSONAL MAIL ADDRESS to coach you on those specific points UNTIL you sit the exam again

My PRINCE2 Mastery System costs a small fraction of your classroom training, and if convenient to you, you may sit the exam without attending a classroom course

A Recession-Proof Career and Skills…Just Think About It… For only £97.00 / £117

PRINCE2 Primer

Click Below to order:

You will be taken to a secure payment website where you can fill in your credit card details. This will be verified instantly. You will then receive an email with all the download details right away.

NOTE: All products are DIGITAL, you get immediate access & no physical product is shipped

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Training That Sticks

Don’t Miss Out – Act Now to get your personal copy of my Powerful, Step-By-Step PRINCE2 Mastery Video Training before it is too late.

I look forward to hearing from you when you have become a PRINCE2 Practitioner!

Stay focused

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