“Are You Making These Mistakes In Your PRINCE2 Exam Pass Preparation?”

dave2_circleDear Reader,

I admit it, these are easy mistakes...

You've probably heard of me, I’m Dave Litten and if you’d like to discover an easy, fast way to Master PRINCE2 and pass your upcoming exams, I can show you exactly how to do it.

      If you’re struggling to grasp how this PRINCE2 Methodology fits together, drowning in mind numbing details, then you’re almost certainly going about your exam preparation the wrong way…

Here’s why.

     You already know you’re struggling to get the big picture of PRINCE2 Principles, Processes and Themes, and you’re feeling frustrated at the knowledge you’re missing out on.

      Worse,  the sea of turgid text from the PRINCE2 Manual is flowing in one ear and gushing out the other - ten minutes later you forgot what you just read!

Discover how to Master PRINCE2 without expensive stressful classrooms

       The best route, right now, is through easy step-by-step video preparation and to prove it to you, my delegates get more than a 98% pass rate.

    You too, can take the effort off your shoulders and massively reduce your risk of exam failure.

       As an accredited PRINCE2 trainer for the past 20 years, I have grabbed every last dark corner of the exam syllabus and transformed the PRINCE2 Method from complexity into simplicity, ready to deliver it to you in easy bite-sized chunks...

    So relax, and let my video modules guide you through to PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exam success.

    In no time at all, you'll be fully PRINCE2 proficient and ready to fly through your exams.

I was once in your shoes

    If I can show you a simple way you can prepare for and pass your PRINCE2 exams, without the need for expensive classroom training, would you be interested?

       I know you could choose to learn PRINCE2 in a classroom. But Good Luck with that.

    I also know that the best way to learn is from a one-on-one relationship along with personal video-based coaching from a proven expert, rather than from books.

     The reason why reading books does not work, is that the official PRINCE2 Manual is designed as a reference source, NOT as a memorization or learning aid. It has a mind-melting 327 pages, 200,000 words, 87 complex diagrams, 63 sets of choking charts and 26 brain-fogging management product descriptions.


       I’m not going to tell you how to prepare for your PRINCE2 exams now because I want you to make up your own mind. Can I ask you to imagine for a moment what advantages being a PRINCE2 Practitioner puts into your project management career and earning potential?

Here’s how I can help

       Getting to grips with PRINCE2 will have become a top priority for you and the looming exam deadline will naturally have you on edge and feeling vulnerable to failure.

       Also,  if you correctly sense that one small but important step in the right direction is going to be enough to make it all start happening for you…then your day is about to get a lot better.

       By ‘painting’ the key points into my students brains using simple structured colour graphics sequences, something almost magical happened – I doubled and even tripled my students ability to grow their skills – and they were passing their exams – hundreds of them!

      This is something I do extremely well. My video training products are beautifully designed, simple to absorb in easy steps, and are downloaded direct to your computer.

I call these video trainers, Primers – Want To Own One?

       My PRINCE2 Video Primer is fresh, relevant, and not like any other training out there. I wonder if you’re aware of how fast you can exceed the PRINCE2 exam pass-standard using some simple yet incredibly powerful visual-based learning strategies

       What’s it going to be like when you walk back in the office as an Accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner?

       Regardless of the mass of information you need to grasp, or the amount of time you've got to prepare, the truth is your PRINCE2 preparation can be naturally and easily realized once you are aware that there is a better way…

       I have been teaching PRINCE2 since 1996, mostly as a ‘hired gun’ for the large and expensive classroom-based training organisations. I quickly became frustrated with the bland materials I had to present with every day.

My PRINCE2 Video Primer System

      I knew I could create a far easier step-by-step way for my more renegade and adventurous students, I had a vision of this better way. Fast-forward twelve months, and I had it created and ready to launch. It will demystify your short journey to give you PRINCE2 Practitioner status.


My Complete PRINCE2 Video Primer System

       My new method made use of the way we all naturally learn by thinking in pictures, so I simply harnessed that power by using PowerPoint slides full of sizzling graphics and dazzling videos making effortless knowledge building fun and easy …

       Just Imagine. My PRINCE2 Primer System does all the heavy lifting for you and guides you to a Practitioner exam pass in just a handful of days. It soars high above the usual stressy, steep learning curve classroom courses…but even more than that…

     What I share with you has been reviewed and fully accredited by the same PRINCE2 examiners that set and mark your exam papers! Maybe you haven’t thought of all the different ways my PRINCE2 Primer will enhance your management career yet.

       You know once you are an Accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner, many doors will open for you. When you begin to understand the easy step-by-step method used in my PRINCE2 Primer, then you’ll see how simple they are.

Done for you

       Imagine me removing PRINCE2 information paralysis as I take you by the hand and steer you through the method in easy bite-sized chunks in my videos – sharing just the right amount of information you need to pass…your learning feels smooth and natural.

       Your mental mastery of the PRINCE2 Method will be sharper and more vivid, and my video-based PRINCE2 Primer System combines everything you need to pass in one compact package.

       Like your favourite Movie, you won’t want to stop watching as the PRINCE2 ‘plot’ unravels step-by-step before you!

  Hi Dave,  
Just had to write to you and say THANK YOU, I used your PRINCE2 Primer and I passed my PRINCE2 Practitioner exams!  
Exams and I don’t get on, but with your PRINCE2 Primer, I felt so much better prepared.  
Your PRINCE2  Primer was excellent, loved the audio files as it allowed me to take you out and about (mostly to the Gym) to continue growing my PRINCE2 knowledge.  PRINCE2 Practitioner
Looking forward to using another one of your Primers in the very near future – keep up the great work  
All the best and kind regards  

       I share with you the secrets that when you put them to work for you in your PRINCE2 preparation, your knowledge and skills will grow beyond your wildest expectations and faster than you thought possible – but you WILL need to put in the work!

       You might like to think about doing this. And in a moment, I’m going to share with you exactly how you can make this happen…but first…I want to put you off if I possibly can.

       See, this message is not for everyone. Why? Because at the end of it I’m going to ask you to make an investment in the future success of your PRINCE2 Accreditation, and even survival of your project management career.

     And if you’re not the kind of person willing to invest in your PRINCE2 success and career…then what follows isn't for you and reading it will just be a waste of your time. What’s more, this message is definitely NOT for you if:

    • You can’t find the time to invest, say, 3 hours a day for a week
    • You prefer a classroom to be responsible for your learning
    • Your boss is paying and cost is not an issue

       I’ll tell you how to get hold of my PRINCE2 Primer System in just a moment, but first there’s something even more important I want to tell you:

Grab This Today and Get These Extra Goodies In Your PRINCE2 Primer System


My PRINCE2 Primer System is 100% Downloadable direct to your computer so you can start growing your PRINCE2 skills  just moments after investing!

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

Listen along to my PRINCE2 Primer while on the move!

       Sometimes you just want to listen - now with MP3 Easy-Listen Audio I have also created a set of high quality stereo MP3 audio tracks mastered and rendered direct from my PRINCE2 Primer Module videos.

       You can also transfer them onto a memory stick for ease of access...Now you can listen along and learn at a time and place that suits you - at the airport, train, bus, subway, whenever...

    Absorb my PRINCE2 Primer in bite-sized chunks when it suits you — a quiet 30 minutes over lunch, a peaceful hour in your home at the weekend – or even while travelling.

       Unlike the typical classroom, you can rewind the videos and watch over as many times as you need, so you won’t miss a thing! You get my Secret Stash (sshhh – keep it to ourselves!) of PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exam Papers – complete with tips and answers…

The PRINCE2 System Video Modules

methodology for project

My PRINCE2 Primer 25 Video Library Syllabus

You get my PRINCE2 MATRIX, my EXAM CRAM, and 21 Warm Up Exercises:

foundation exam

PRINCE2 Primer Workbooks, EXAM CRAM and Study Matrix

       You get my PRINCE2 Walk-through and Road-Map, my 'Learn PRINCE2 in 60 Minutes' Fast-track Book, and my 9 PRINCE2 Management Document Templates plus all three PRINCE2 Register Templates:


My PRINCE2 Road Map, Learn In 60 Minutes Book and Log/Register Templates

       And just to sweeten the pot, I also give you my 'How-To' Reports for the PRINCE2 Project Plan, Project Product Description, and my PRINCE2 Power Tune Up and Audit Report:


My Power Tune Up, plans and Reports

       You can view, play, pause, rewind or stop the video library modules at a time that suits you, making absorbing 'bite-sized chunks' of PRINCE2 with my Primer so much more efficient and effective.

     Oh yes, and unlike other online offers, you’ll have lifetime access to the full material.

       So once you pass, you’ll always have a valuable reference resource on hand…of course, you’ll get free upgrades whenever the PRINCE2 syllabus is updated. I know what the examiners will ask you, so I’ll feed you the Easy Answers

Foundation and Practitioner exam practice is crucial for exam success

       I provide bonus extra practice by giving you TWO 9-questions-each Practitioner Sample Exam Papers with 226 questions plus answers!


TWO Complete Hard Core Sample Practitioner Exam Papers plus Answers

       The main reasons for exam failure is uncertainty of applying the Method and poor exam taking/question reading skills. My Primer Fixes Both. I give you easy Step-By-Step instructions and sequence to take you by the hand through the entire examined Method

        • My detailed Workbook makes it a snap to read, review, and take notes as you go - in a natural easy learning style
        • You can watch, pause, rewind and review each of the 25 High Definition Videos covering the Principles, Processes, Themes and Products
        • You can watch and learn at a Pace and Time that suits you - not at all like the force-fed classroom technique
        • You will build vital exam-taking skills and hone your understanding with my full-strength Foundation and Practitioner Sample Papers (which include answers)
        • My exclusive EXAM CRAM will give you a mission-critical checklist of your topic understanding and laser-focus on those areas that need more help
        • My Primer costs a small fraction of your classroom training, and if convenient to you, you may sit the exam without attending a classroom course

Imagine How Easy You Absorb In Full Colour

       Here is a two-page example from the full colour Primer Step-By-Step Guide that you will receive.

      You get 200 practice Foundation Exam questions complete with answers and score cards, plus 226-question Practitioner Exam sample set of questions and answers, so you can hone your Practitioner techniques as well as learn and understand PRINCE2.

       If you get an answer wrong, just go back and review the relevant video sections!


Sample pages from the full-colour Workbook and Foundation Exam Quiz

Fully downloadable direct to your PC/MAC/Mobile Device


Sample view on a Tablet

methodology for project

Sample view on a phone

My Affordable PRINCE2 Primer System™ costs just £97

Compare it to paying over a thousand pounds to attend old-school classroom training, plus you've got to fund all your travel and hotel expenses too. You will be dragged away from your job, friends and family, while a customer backlog of work builds up back at the office….plus your boss constantly phoning and distracting you from studying……No Thanks! OR, you can take YOUR Foundation and Practitioner Exams WITHOUT attending classroom training, just use my PRINCE2 Video Primer System and book an Open Center Examination.

Master At Your Place At Your Pace with my Primer

       Absorb my Primer in bite-sized chunks when it suits you -- a quiet 30 minutes over lunch, a peaceful hour in your home at the weekend - or even while travelling.

       Unlike the typical classroom, you can rewind the videos and watch over as many times as you need, so you won't miss a thing! And you'll get me teaching you one-on-one in a friendly conversational tone for easy listening and learning.

    My Primer covers the full content and rigour within the official PRINCE2 Manual and is more thorough than any 'classroom course' because I've used the published APM Group Syllabus to benchmark my PRINCE2 Primer outcomes.

Fully Accredited By The APMG (the folks who set and mark your exams!)

       My Primer is Fully Licensed and endorsed by the APM Group as an Official Pre-course Study.In fact, I've spent the last 15 years teaching the PRINCE2 methodology, techniques, and principles to literally thousands of people just like you, both as downloadable lessons and live training seminars across the world. methodology for project

     I too, have been in your shoes when I was learning PRINCE2, and I want to put your fears to rest.

       I have been helping people to successfully become PRINCE2 Practitioners' since 1997, so my name, reputation and results have been invested within my PRINCE2 Primer.

No Need for expensive and rushed classroom training

    Take your Foundation and Practitioner Exams WITHOUT attending classroom training, just use my PRINCE2 Primer and book an Open Center Examination sponsored by the British Council in your country. Open centers are in London, Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire), York (North Yorkshire), Chester (Cheshire).


My Guarantee To You


I stand by my Guarantee – if you put in 100% yet feel I did not cover the PRINCE2 syllabus, I’ll cheerfully give you a 100% refund (Yes, I am that confident you’ll love my PRINCE2 Primer!)

       After studying all my information and watching all the videos, and provided you carry out all my exercises and exams, if you still fail the exam on first attempt, send me details of your weak areas and I will give you my PERSONAL MAIL ADDRESS to coach you on those specific points UNTIL you sit the exam again


Regular Price £127


Instantly Downloadable

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Training That Sticks

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      I look forward to hearing from you when you have become a PRINCE2 Practitioner!

      Stay focused.

Dave Litten

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