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FINALLY – One Primer System that Ends PRINCE2 confusion, Gives You Everything You need to Pass both your Foundation and Practitioner Exams. Done For You!

My PRINCE2 Primer has created 6,232 new PRINCE2 Practitioners since it’s creation just 5 years ago. Don’t be left behind by failing, feeling foolish or incompetent, here are the key ways in which it will propel YOU to attain that prestigious project management qualification – a PRINCE2 Practitioner

by David Litten


Psssst … Dave ‘007’ Litten here – Greetings from a (not so) secret location in the sun!

After years of working undercover as an IT boffin and project manager in England … for the Americans … I dropped my guard one day and was captured!

Despite it being highly classified information – somehow the mastermind of a huge training company had discovered I was one of a very select underground group who ran masterclass PRINCE2 training seminars – so I was bundled into the back of a truck and made an offer I couldn’t refuse.

And that’s how, in 1995, I mysteriously disappeared one day only to re emerge, re invented with a new identity, appearing in public … boldly teaching PRINCE2 … LIVE!

However … unknown to my new masters … I was also working on a secret side-project of my own. I had a VISION – a much better system of PRINCE2 training delivery than they had ever imagined. But this time, no one was going to steal my genius ideas!

Frustrated with the quality of the materials I had to present with every day, I just knew I could create a far easier and more structured learning environment for my more renegade and adventurous students.

Thanks to constant vigilance, the end of the nineties saw me secretly publish my first online book for those wishing to master the PRINCE2 methodology … using The Litten Method™

My new method made use of the way we all naturally learn. I had always known that we humans think in pictures, so without permission, I went ahead and harnessed that power by making the learning fun and easy … now using PowerPoint slides full of colourful graphics and videos!

CNNThe Litten Method™ Licensed_Official_Product prince2 exams
was an instant hit!

By ‘painting’ the key points into my students brains using simple structured colour graphics sequences, something almost magical happened – I doubled and even tripled my students ability to learn and remember – and they were passing their exams – hundreds of them!

It WORKED. I decided there and then I HAD to break out and go it alone

It was now or never.  After months of careful planning, one day I slipped past the HR department, through the main gate, and made my bid for freedom … and never looked back.

I was FREE to create an elegant yet simple series of online project management related VIDEO ‘Primers’ which have since been constantly tweaked and honed to perfection – and this, my ‘magnificent obsession’ has  helped HUNDREDS of previously overwhelmed PRINCE2 and project management students pass their exams with consummate ease…

Classroom study is not easy.

You’re about to discover the most spectacular gold mine of PRINCE2 videos, materials, diagrams and sample exam papers ever created for commercial sale.

“ Get A Grip On PRINCE2… ”

FAILING YOUR PRINCE2 Exams is Easy, along with expensive re-takes, fear of failure, embarrassment at work and missed promotion opportunities…

Failing at your first attempt makes the second try a higher mountain to climb, as you would already be feeling exhausted, demotivated and frustrated.

But since you took the trouble of finding my website, you deserve better, much, much better in fact.

If you want to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner without the pain of  ‘classroom training’  then follow my downloadable PRINCE2 Primer Step By Step Video course and pass the very first time you sit your exam”

Fast forward to the present

Today, on this website, I am proud to have over 1200 potential student visits every day, where my PRINCE2 Primer is sold in nearly 163 countries and regions across the world.

Back when I was a gun for hire it would cost you £650 a day to have me teach PRINCE2 live, and that was 15 years ago – so even those large and expensive classroom training organisations that you can find in major cities couldn’t afford me to teach a room now.

Good news – you CAN hire me as your virtual mentor, to coach you through PRINCE2 using The Litten Method™.

I’m excited to show you a much more practical, step-by-step and cost-effective approach to become accredited in PRINCE2, so you can grow your career opportunities, promotion and salary increases!


Dave Litten – PRINCE2 Practitioner and Qualified Trainer

With my PRINCE2 Primer, you’ll get Much Better Topic Preparation and Exam Practice

You will learn by studying ALL the PRINCE2 Principles, Processes,  Themes, and Techniques in addition to be given the right focus on the topic areas actually covered on the Foundation and Practitioner Exams. In fact ALL you need to pass first time.

I give you relevant and focused exercises designed by me so that you learn naturally in step-by-step easily digested steps. You will retain the key information for each mouthful of PRINCE2 knowledge chunks

Oh yes,

A Complete Triumph!

My PRINCE2 Primer will empower you with absolute confidence, with a data bank of sample exam questions and answers giving you laser focus on where to hone your study effort.

I’m about to share with you everything you’ll ever need to know about the PRINCE2 Methodology, complete with videos, diagrams, lesson plans, quizzes and solutions. I’ll provide an effective and painless way to prepare for your Exams, from the detailed Principles through to Process and Themes.

The good news is that my PRINCE2 Primer is 100% downloadable direct to your PC/MAC/Mobile, and you’ll have lifetime access to the full material. So that once you pass, you’ll always have a valuable reference resource on hand…of course, you’ll get free upgrades whenever the PRINCE2 syllabus is updated!

So you can start downloading and preparing just minutes after you have invested…

Here are 20 Strong Reasons why you need to read on:

1.  You want someone who is battle tested who gives smooth learning curves without mindless cramming!

It’s highly likely that you are reading this because you are already booked, or about to be booked, on a PRINCE2 course. And you’ve heard that the classroom training is complex and highly stressful with a very steep learning curve.

Not to mention mind-numbing course work and practice late into the night. Indeed, the usual course pre-reading information is fairly skimpy and the text-dense Official Manual may be your only form of pre-training preparation.

The Official Manual stretches to a mind-melting 327 pages – something like 200,000 words, 87 detailed figures, 63 sets of tables and 26 management templates to absorb, understand and apply!

Course delegates get overwhelmed by the huge mass of information and would much prefer a logical ‘story-board’ approach to their training.

However, the simple truth is that for effortless easy step-by-step preparation, you need to have a structured, proven approach to your study and a means to test your revision progress.

And the truth is, I can teach you all you need to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner – even before you get into the classroom!


Dave Litten battle-testing PRINCE2 Practitioner students in South Africa

Don’t worry – you are in safe and experienced PRINCE2 Practitioner hands with me!

2.  Sometimes you just want to listen – now with MP3 Easy-Listen AudioPRINCE2 Foundation Exam

Due to popular demand, I have also created a set of high quality stereo MP3 audio tracks mastered and rendered direct from my PRINCE2 Primer Module videos.You can also transfer them onto a memory stick for ease of access…Now you can listen along and learn at a time and place that suits you – at the airport, train, bus, subway, whenever…

But there’s more..

3.  The usual mistakes made by most PRINCE2 exam candidates

Mistake #1.

The complex Official Methodology Manual is designed as a reference book not as a learning aid. That’s why it looks complicated to you – don’t you agree?

Mistake #2.

Leaving your preparation too late, and crucially, finding that it’s more work than you thought.

Mistake #3.

You really need a Mentor. Having a Project Management Methodology ‘Expert Buddy’ makes more sense doesn’t it?

 Mistake #4.

Not treating “Exam Preparation” as a PROJECT. You MUST have a System and a Plan with control points to measure your progress and

Mistake #5.

Assuming that the Methodology is a sequence, and consequently, not learning the “framework” and principles first – and ONLY then,
adding the detail.

Mistake #6.

Attending a 5-day training course, and hoping that a learning miracle will happen between Monday morning and Friday’s
Full-Strength exam

Mistake #7.

Not understanding that you MUST Undertake VITAL coaching and practice – both for the method AND the exams.

Mistake #8.

Assuming wrongly, that the Methodology is only about ‘project management’, and only partially learning the full Method as a result

4.  The vital 20% that is missing from your PRINCE2 learning and exam preparation

Let me explain.This is the ONLY Downloadable APM Group Licensed video training course to FULLY prepare you for the latest 2014 PRINCE2 Exams

In case you don’t know, the APM Group are the folks who set the PRINCE2 syllabus, Foundation and Practitioner exams, and mark them.

They have reviewed and audited my Primer, and insist it become one of their licensed products.

So I have created for you a logical sequence of learning steps, my PRINCE2 Primer ‘learning funnel’ consisting of a sequenced overview first, then leading into a step-by-step approach allowing you to absorb the Methodology detail in easy bite-sized chunks.

This will help you quickly and easily raise your PRINCE2 knowledge level to an exam-pass standard – in as little as three days.

5.  Prepare in half the time and with zero stress

Everything I do believes in challenging the current way that project management training is delivered.My video training products are beautifully designed, simple to absorb in easy steps, and are downloaded direct to your computer.I call these video trainers, Primers – Want To Own One?

But I didn’t stop there.It’s true. My Primer is packed with step-by-step bite-sized chunks that have been proven effective with my delegate of all levels and experience.It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or already have some experience of PRINCE2 under your belt – my Primer will absolutely work for you.

My PRINCE2 Primer will get your training course preparation swiftly up to speed by combining full-motion videos, pictorial workbooks plus vital course exercises – so that you don’t miss a thing!Now here comes the good part…

6.  I know WHAT YOU WILL BE EXAMINED ON! (so I know what you must be TAUGHT…)

apm group course

My fully downloadable PRINCE2 video training product


I am 100% confident that my Foundation and Practitioner pass system works,
Here is what you will get:

      • FULL-COLOUR HD VIDEO Tuition Reference Library   The videos are based on 320 professional-quality animated full-colour PowerPoint Slides
      • Two Hundred question and answer Foundation exam
      • Two Hundred and twenty six question-parts and answers Practitioner exam
      • Sixteen easy-to-read Primer Module Workbooks
      • PRINCE2 Primer Quiz Score Card
      • Matrix Master Reference
      • My Tips and Tricks Tutorial Video To Pass Both Exams!
      • Twenty one Exercise Workbook
      • Fast-track ‘Learn PRINCE2 in 60 Minutes Flat!‘ Report
      • PRINCE2 Project Power Tune Up and Audit Report
      • PRINCE2 Road-Map Report
      • Nine Fully Editable PRINCE2 Management Document Templates
      • Excel spreadsheet Risk, Issue and Quality Register Templates
      • PRINCE2 Project Plan demonstration and Template
      • PRINCE2 Project Product Description demonstration and Template

Here are the video Modules:

methodology for project

My PRINCE2 Primer 25 Video Library Syllabus


7.  TWO Complete Hard Core Sample Practitioner Exam Papers plus Answers


Two complete Sample Practitioner questions and answers!

Your PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam will consist of 8 Process/Theme topics with about 10 question parts in each. So you will have around 80 question parts to answer.

I provide nearly three times that amount by giving you TWO 9-questions-each Practitioner Sample Exam Papers with 226 questions plus answers!

But there’s more …

8.  You will need my PRINCE2 MATRIX, my EXAM CRAM, and 21 Warm Up Exercises:

foundation exam

PRINCE2 Primer Workbooks, EXAM CRAM and Study Matrix

You get my PRINCE2 Walk-through and Road-Map, my ‘Learn PRINCE2 in 60 Minutes’ Fast-track Book, and my 9 PRINCE2 Management Document Templates plus all three PRINCE2 Register Templates:


My PRINCE2 Road Map, Learn In 60 Minutes Book and Register Templates

And just to sweeten the pot, I also give you my ‘How-To’ Reports for the PRINCE2 Project Plan, Project Product Description, and my PRINCE2 Power Tune Up and Audit Report:


My Power Tune Up, plans and Reports

You can view, play, pause, rewind or stop the video library modules at a time that suits you, making absorbing ‘bite-sized chunks’ of PRINCE2 with my Primer so much more efficient and effective.

Here’s why.

9.  Learn At Your Place At Your Pace with my Primer!

My knowledge of PRINCE2 and project management is a passion that comes from within, so it’s not up to me to convince you of anything. Either you want Exam success, or you don’t.

Personally, I would rather share these lessons with delegates that are passionate about becoming an Accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner, as they will ultimately achieve the most with it.

If you are ready for PRINCE2 knowledge and exam success, this is absolutely the ideal Foundation and Practitioner exam preparation for you. My PRINCE2 Primer is designed to get you to apply your new skills as you progress through the information.

Better yet, you get to absorb my Primer in bite-sized chunks when it suits you — a quiet 30 minutes over lunch, a peaceful hour in your home at the weekend – or even while travelling. Unlike the typical classroom, you can rewind the videos and watch over as many times as you need, so you won’t miss a thing!

And you’ll get me teaching you one-on-one in a friendly conversational tone for easy listening and learning. My Primer covers the full content and rigour within the official PRINCE2 Manual and is more thorough than any ‘classroom course’ because I’ve used the published APM Group Syllabus to benchmark my PRINCE2 Primer outcomes.

10.  Foundation and Practitioner exam practice is crucial for exam success

The main reasons for exam failure is uncertainty of applying the Method and poor exam taking/question reading skills. My Primer Fixes Both.

I give you easy Step-By-Step instructions and sequence to take you by the hand through the entire examined Method

      • My detailed Workbook makes it a snap to read, review, and take notes as you go in a natural easy learning style
      • You can watch, pause, rewind and review each of the 25 High Definition Videos covering the Principles, Processes, Themes and Products
      • You can watch and learn at a Pace and Time that suits you – not at all like the force-feeding classroom technique!
      • You will build vital exam-taking skills and hone your understanding with my full-strength Foundation and Practitioner Sample Papers (which include answers!)
      • My exclusive EXAM CRAM will give you a mission-critical checklist of your topic understanding and laser-focus on those areas that need more help
      • My Primer costs a small fraction of your classroom training, and if convenient to you, you may sit the exam without attending a classroom course

Here is a two-page example from the full colour Primer Step-By-Step Guide that you will receive:

You get 200 practice Foundation Exam questions complete with answers and score cards, plus 226-question Practitioner Exam sample set of questions and answers, so you can hone your Practitioner techniques as well as learn and understand PRINCE2.

If you get an answer wrong, just go back and review the relevant video sections!


Sample pages from the full-colour Workbook and Foundation Exam Quiz

My Primer has been designed to be 100% Downloadable – the video files have been re-formatted into MP4 files for easy and speedy download so that you too can benefit from my Exam Primer – just as soon as you make the decision to get involved.

11.  Fully downloadable direct to your PC/MAC/Mobile Device



Sample screen view on a Tablet device

methodology for project

Sample screen view on a phone device











12.  Fully Accredited By The APMG (the folks who set and mark your exams!)

My Primer is Fully Licensed and endorsed by the APM Group as an Official Pre-course Study.In fact, I’ve spent the last 15 years teaching the PRINCE2 methodology, techniques, and principles to literally thousands of people just like you, both as downloadable lessons and live training seminars across the world.

methodology for project

I too, have been in your shoes when I was learning PRINCE2, and I want to put your fears to rest. I have been helping people to successfully become PRINCE2 Practitioners’ since 1997, so my name, reputation and results have been invested within my PRINCE2 Primer.

13.  You do NOT need to undergo expensive classroom training

Take your Foundation and Practitioner Exams WITHOUT attending classroom training, just use my PRINCE2 Primer and book an Open Center Examination sponsored by the British Council in your country. Open centers are in London, Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire), York (North Yorkshire), Chester (Cheshire).

14.  My Unique ‘Boarding PASS Guarantee’ …

PRINCE2 Guaranteed Pass

My PRINCE2 Primer has been carefully engineered JUST for people boarding my direct flight to PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exam success soon, and that’s YOU!

Your flight to exam success has only two outcomes …

We stall on the runway or we fly straight to a ‘pass’on your first attempt, right?

Obviously, no one asks for a refund AFTER THEY PASS the exam because that would be like asking the airline to refund your ticket AFTER they got you where you paid them to take you, so here is my ‘Boarding PASS Guarantee’ to you when you invest in my jet powered PMP Primer …

After studying all my information & watching all the videos, if you still fail the exam on first attempt, send me details of your weak areas and I will give you my PERSONAL email address to coach you on those specific points UNTIL you sit the exam again

If the wings come off & you fail a second time, then I can’t get you where you bought a ticket to go, so send me the fail notice & I will refund every penny you spent at my check-in desk

Superb Value for a vital investment in your future

So How Much?

It’s ridiculously reasonable. Especially considering the video library you will get with the 16 Workbooks, giving you a one-stop-resource for PRINCE2 wisdom, specific advice, and proven tactics, all leading you by the hand to 100% preparation for your Exam Success.

I could charge you a fraction of my daily rate to teach you face-to-face – for just £127 – but I won’t!

Here’s why.

Because if you invest in my Primer, then I won’t need to rush to an airport, take a flight to where you are, stay in a cheap hotel, deliver a 5-day course (the equivalent to my Primer), print out all the materials – or miss out on my friends and family!

So I figured that for those that act today, I’ll give away my Fully Downloadable PRINCE2 Primer for the price of a restaurant evening meal for two…

…so that you can invest in my Primer EXAM PREPARATION VIDEO MASTERCLASS for just £97.00.

But Beware: I can only manage a limited number of these Single User Licenses on a ‘first come, first served’ basis -after they are gone, there won’t be any more available…

15.  The ball is in Your court

It’s up to you to make the decision to come aboard, and see what the fuss is all about…or to sneak away, and hope that somehow a learning miracle occurs in your short PRINCE2 training course.

This is serious stuff, for people who are serious about achieving success and becoming a PRINCE2 Practitioner. This should not be a hard decision to make, you have an opportunity here, and it’s available to you for just a short time.

I’ll be watching for your order, and your adventure in Practitioner Success can begin right away.

16.  I’ve only scratched the surface here – So Take Action Now

There is only so much information on my Premium PRINCE2 Primer that I can tell you about here, so to ensure you pass your PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams first time, download my PRINCE2 Primer:

YES, the videos are REGION FREE so work in ANY Computer, Media Player or Mobile Device!

Instantly Downloadable

Get Your Copy Now – Click Below to order:


Want to pay with your credit/debit card?
Click on the above secure link to get to PayPal – then select the link:
“Pay with a debit or credit card”

project management methodology

prince 2

17.  Remember This

    • Is Failing the Both Exams an option for you?
    • Not gaining a Practitioner Pass Will cause YOU severe delays and extra expense
    • It will be Too Late once you are already attending your classroom training
    • You only get limited attempts to pass per year!
    • Your work colleagues have already passed, can YOU afford not to?

18.  Your future career starts here!

You probably have yet to reach Exam-competency in the PRINCE2 Method, but it doesn’t have to be that way… Your project management career and earning potential depends upon becoming a Practitioner right now, you are exposed to greater risk of failing the challenging classroom training, so why sit back and watch others grab your opportunity to pass?

My Special Offer includes both my Full *PRINCE2 Primer PLUS my valuable PRINCE2 EXAM CRAM*.

The extra benefits these bring is your ability to not just to fully comprehend PRINCE2, but to have a full grasp of the exact questions that the examiner may set for you.  Don’t miss out – invest before this offer is withdrawn - Get Yours Now!

19. Training That Sticks!

Don’t Miss Out – Act Now to get your personal copy of my Powerful, Step-By-Step Video Training before it is too late…I look forward to hearing from you when you have become a PRINCE2 Practitioner! Stay focused.


PRINCE2 Prototype

My 2001 original crumpled prototype, hand-drawn in my hotel room – the system concept idea that became my Video-based PRINCE2 Primer!










 During my journey of running Accredited training seminars across the globe, I have taught these established centers of excellence:

prince 2



20.  Download my FREE Info Graphic PRINCE2 Process Road Map HERE!