Are you falling behind, worried about failing,  feeling foolish or incompetent in your uphill struggle to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner?

FINALLY – A radically different approach to end PRINCE2 learning confusion, plus my secret stash of Foundation and Practitioner exam samples and answers –
Done For You!

Dear Colleague,

You’ve probably heard of me, I’m Dave Litten and if you’d like to discover an easy, fast way to Master PRINCE2 and pass your upcoming exams, I can show you exactly how to do it.

This is something I do extremely well and I’ve been doing it since 1996 and for 15 years online.

I started out with horrible results just like you and  can remember when I was first thrown the official PRINCE2 Manual to ‘learn’

I was once in your shoes

My palms still sweat remembering back to when I was in a learning trance, skimming the  mind-melting 327 pages, 200,000 words, 87 detailed figures, 63 sets of charts and 26 management templates to absorb, understand and apply.

It seemed like a mindless sea of words drowning in choking charts and pernicious processes.

I felt overwhelmed and powerless to make sense of it all while my fogged-up brain needed to grasp the big picture before I could even think about diving into the detail.

I needed to crack that code – and fast!

You will already know that becoming an Accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner will open many doors for you…

So it’s likely that getting to grips with PRINCE2 has become a top priority for you, however, the looming exam deadline has you on edge and feeling vulnerable to failure.

Here’s how I can help:

Back in the day, I spend a decade delivering classroom-based PRINCE2 training across the world, but because I was always hired by corporate training juggernauts, I was frustrated by being forced to use their turgid training material – Bullet-ridden slides churned out in 3 days flat.

However, unknown to them I was also working on a Learning System of my own. I had a VISION – a much better system of PRINCE2 mastery than they had ever imagined.  I knew I could create a far easier and more structured learning environment for my renegade and adventurous students.

Just reading a ‘book’ about PRINCE2 isn’t working anymore, so do it my way and get ahead of the pack that will propel you to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner.

My system harnesses an easy step-by-step visual way to effortlessly absorb and learn PRINCE2.

My PRINCE2 Video Primer

My new method made use of the way we all naturally learn. You and I know that humans think in pictures, so I  harnessed that power by making the learning fun and easy … now using PowerPoint slides full of dynamic graphics and videos!

By ‘painting’ the key points into my students brains using simple structured colour graphics sequences, something almost magical happened – I doubled and even tripled my students ability to learn and remember – and they were passing their exams – hundreds of them!

My PRINCE2 Video Primer is fresh, relevant, and not like any other training out there.

We are all visual learners, so my Primer keeps you organised and moving forward, and comes complete with my HD Videos, Primer Handbook, Exam Cram™ and easy-to-remember Guidelines and Checklists.

You get my Secret Stash (sshhh – keep that to ourselves!) of PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exam Papers – complete with tips and answers…

Done For You.

Let me demystify your journey to PRINCE2 Practitioner Accreditation.

My PRINCE2 Primer comes primed and fully loaded, partnering with you all the way from kick start to final sprint and exam pass!

You and I haven’t met yet, but we’ll become firm friends as I share my knowledge and wisdom in an easy to watch and listen, friendly and conversational style.

Just like being coached by a trusted friend and adviser.

  Hi Dave,

  Just had to write to you and say THANK YOU, I used your PRINCE2 Primer and I passed my PRINCE2 Practitioner exams!

  Exams and I don’t get on, but with your PRINCE2 Primer, I felt so much better prepared.

  Your PRINCE2  Primer was excellent, loved the audio files as it allowed me to take you out and about (mostly to the Gym) to continue my learning.

  Looking forward to using another one of your Primers in the very near future – keep up the great workPRINCE2 Practitioner

  All the best and kind regards

  Chris Bulle

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I bring my battle hardened and ‘in the trenches’ know-how to you in seamless and  logical step-by-step chunks.

My PRINCE2 Primer is downloaded  in digital and video formats direct to your computer so you can get on-board just minutes after you purchase.

Oh yes, and unlike other online offers, you’ll have lifetime access to the full material. So that once you pass, you’ll always have a valuable reference resource on hand…of course, you’ll get free upgrades whenever the PRINCE2 syllabus is updated.

Since I know WHAT YOU WILL BE EXAMINED ON, I must also know what you must be TAUGHT

My Primer is Fully Licensed and endorsed by the APM Group as an methodology for project
Official Pre-course Study.

These are the folks who set and mark YOUR exams – I should know, I used to be one!

Join Me, and Get:

PRINCE2 Primer System

100% Downloadable so you can start learning just moments after investing!


Due to popular demand, as you can see above, I have also created a set of high quality stereo MP3 audio tracks mastered and rendered direct from my PRINCE2 Primer Videos.

Now you can listen along and learn at a time and place that suits you – at the airport, train, bus, subway, whenever…

Absorb my PRINCE2 Primer in bite-sized chunks when it suits you — a quiet 30 minutes over lunch, a peaceful hour in your home at the weekend – or even while travelling. Unlike the typical classroom, you can rewind the videos and watch over as many times as you need, so you won’t miss a thing!

My Affordable PRINCE2 Primer System™ costs just £97

Compare that to paying over a thousand pounds to attend old-school classroom training, and on top of all that, you’ve got to fund all your travel and hotel expenses too.

You will be dragged away from your job, friends and family, while a customer backlog of work builds up back at the office….plus your boss constantly phoning and distracting you from studying……No Thanks!

OR, you can take YOUR Foundation and Practitioner Exams WITHOUT attending classroom training, just use my Platinum PRINCE2 Video Primer and book an Open Center Examination.

 My Guarantee To You.PRINCE2

After studying all my information and watching all the videos, if you still fumble the exam on first attempt, send me details of your weak areas and I will give you my PERSONAL MAIL ADDRESS to coach you on those specific points UNTIL you sit the exam again


Time Is Scarce. Take Action NOW.

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Every day you delay your preparation to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner – is a day lost forever.

Act NOW while you still have time with me at your side…

This is an important and well-deserved investment in YOU – both for your management career and your financial future.


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I look forward to hearing from you when you have become a PRINCE2 Practitioner!

Stay focused.


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